The tonearm serves as the second cartridge.

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S p e c i f i c a t i o n s : 

 - Model: JAC-700 (Straight type)
 - Conductor Materia l: 6N/OFC High pulity copper
 - Cable diameter : Φ9mm
 - Conductor resistance : less than 0.05 ohms/m
 - Terminal conductor : Rhodium plated RCA plug and 5P Din
 - Terminal jacket : Carbon fiber
 - Cable length : 1.2 m
 - Jacket : Styrene Elastomer
 - Insulator : Polyethylene
 - Stray Capacitance : less than 150pF/m


High Purity Copper Phono-cable

F e a t u r e s :

  • The role of the transmission cable is that the input signal information must be correctly transmitted to the output.
  • What this means is that the signal is not attenuated and any external noise is blocked.
  • There should be no deterioration due to the time axis at the electrical contact point. Less physical wear. Do not color the sound.
  • Jelco has condensed these requirements into a newly developed cable.
  • The conductor has 6N copper and OFC Hy-Brid structure, and a strong shield structure against external noise and induced noise.
  • All input / output contacts are plated with rhodium, and carbon fibers that absorb minute vibrations are attached to the input / output plugs.


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