Company Profile

The precision micro mechanism is the core technology of (ICHIKAWA JEWEL CO., LTD) started in 1920 by Y.ICHIKAWA.

Manufacturing jewel bearings for watches, diamond stylus of audio cartridge, jewel bearing of needle pointer of measuring instruments. Sapphire bearing of home electric power meter.

2014 is 94th Anniversary of ICHIKAWA. Manufacturing Zero friction products is our key policy which supported many Japanese industries for decades, such as mechanical watches, audio products, electric power meter industries.

After 1958 LP vinyl record disc invented, it required a tiny diamond tip stylus to trace only 0.05mm width grooves.
JELCO could do it without difficulties.

Tonearm was also developed with zero friction technology.JELCO is now a few tonearm maker left in Japan and is to support the culture legacy of analog music record discs left for some billion pieces in the world.

4-29-9 Kami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo 170-0012 Japan
TEL:03-3916-4611 FAX:03-3916-4614